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Service «CardioCloud»

Free mobile app ECG Dongle

Download the app from Google Play or App Store, install it on the smartphone or tablet - it will take only 1 minute - and it is immediately ready to work

  • displays the real-time heart dynamics
  • displays the heart rate and the level of tension (stress)
  • allows you to save the examination data and send it to the CardioCloud cloud service to obtain the results of automatic analysis, and the opinion of a cardiologist, if necessary
  • provides the ability to save the research data in PDF, MIT-BIH or EDF format for sending to your doctor (for Android 4.4 and higher)

CardioCloud. ECG at home

The cloud service provides the possibility of the intellectual analysis of heart work data and the issue of an automatic conclusion, as well as the interaction of ECG Dongle users with experienced cardiologists. The service allows you to get the opinion of a cardiologist on the condition of your cardiovascular system based on the information obtained by the user with the USB gadget and the mobile application

  • does not require personal information, ensuring the anonymity of research
  • provides the ability to export the measurements in PDF format for saving and printing
  • carries out an automatic analysis for the presence of dangerous heart rhythm disturbances such as fibrillation and atrial flutter, atrial and atrioventricular tachycardia. The service is free.
  • gives a full automatic report on all other violations of cardiac rhythm and conduction. Subscription required.
  • provides data analysis history in a convenient tabular form and in the form of health profile charts
  • doctor’s opinion is to be sent to the user’s email
  • allows to send data directly to your doctor’s email
  • is not a medical service

Our doctors

Elena Grigoryeva

Functional Diagnostics Doctor

Experience over 10 years

Place of work:

GAUZ MO «Dubna Town Hospital»

Previously worked:

  • City hospital 42, Moscow
  • City hospital 103, Moscow
  • Clinic of Neurosis of Z. Solovyov


Tver State Medical Academy, speciality – general practice

Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, clinical internship, speciality – functional diagnostics

For external doctor

Are you a doctor? Do your patients use the ECG Dongle?
Do you want to receive the data of your patients via email?

Complete registration as an external doctor, obtain a unique ID and give it to your patients to setup in the mobile application when sending requests!

The service is provided free of charge

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