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CardioCloud. ECG at home

The cloud service processes the data obtained with ECG Dongle/ECG Dongle FULL, performs data mining and generates an automatic report, as well as provides ECG interpretation by a doctor.

  • does not require personal information, ensuring the anonymity of research
  • provides the ability to export the measurements in PDF format for saving and printing
  • performs a FREE automatic analysis of the data recorded by the ECG Dongle for the presence of dangerous heart rhythm disturbances, such as fibrillation and atrial flutter, supraventricular tachycardia
  • makes a full automatic report on all other heart rhythm and conduction disturbances according to the data taken with the ECG Dongle. Subscription required
  • performs a FREE automatic analysis of the data recorded by the ECG Dongle FULL for the presence of such dangerous heart conditions as fibrillation and atrial flutter, supraventricular tachycardia, and myocardial infarction
  • makes a full automatic report on electrocardiograms taken with ECG Dongle FULL. Subscription required
  • provides data analysis history in a convenient tabular form and in the form of health profile charts
  • doctor’s opinion is to be sent to the user’s email. The cost of the service is paid
  • allows to send data directly to your doctor’s email
  • is not a medical service

Our doctors

For doctor

Are you a doctor? Do your patients need regular heart monitoring at home? You can help them purchase the ECG Dongle on special terms - with free shipping and extra electrodes! And also for your own benefit!
Do your patients already use our ECG Dongle? Would you like to receive your patients' research data by email?

Register, get a unique identifier and share it with your patients. A patient needs only to enter your identifier into a special section on this website when purchasing a device or in the ECG Dongle mobile application when sending the research so that your can get your ECG by email!

The service is provided free of charge

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