Cardio complex ECG Dongle:

USB gadget, mobile application and cloud service «CardioCloud»
Your own cardio complex at home, at work, on vacation! It fits in the palm of your hand and gives you the opportunity for a few minutes to get the information on the work of the heart, heart rate and stress levels every day at any time


USB gadget ECG Dongle
Free mobile app ECG Dongle
Service «CardioCloud»


Miniature device for rapid monitoring of the condition of the cardiovascular system

  • made in the form of a usual USB flash drive of just 9 grams
  • captures data on heart work corresponding 6 standard leads
  • includes four electrodes that are easy to place on your own body
  • connects to an Android device with a standard OTG-cable
  • connects to an iOS device with a special adapter
  • does not have its own battery, runs on battery power of your smartphone or tablet
  • with detailed instructions included
  • is not a product of medical technology

Supported devices

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Price: 3 500 RUB

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необходимо ознакомиться с инструкцией по применению.

Free mobile app ECG Dongle

You download the app from Google Play or App Store, install it on the smartphone or tablet just for 1 minute and it is immediately ready to work

  • displays the real-time heart dynamics
  • displays the heart rate and the level of tension (stress)
  • allows you to save the measurements and to send them to the cloud service «CardioCloud» in order to obtain the opinion of a cardiologist
  • provides the ability to save the research data as PDF, MIT-BIH or EDF format for sending to your doctor (for Android 4.4 and above)
Android Apple


The cloud service is designed for the interaction between ECG Dongle device users and expert cardiologists of «CardioCloud». The Service allows you to get the opinion of a cardiologist on the condition of your cardiovascular system based on the information obtained by the user with the USB gadget and the mobile application

  • does not require personal information, ensuring the anonymity of treatment
  • provides the ability to export the measurements in PDF format for saving and printing
  • payment is made by credit card, electronic money or through mobile shopping apps
  • doctor's opinion is to be sent to the user’s email
  • allows to send data directly to your doctor email
  • is not a medical service

Service price: 390 RUB

Video presentation of the cardio complex

For external doctor

Are you a doctor? Do your patients use the ECG Dongle?
Do you want to receive the data of your patients via e-mail?

Complete registration as an external doctor, obtain a unique ID and give it to your patients to setup in the mobile application when sending requests!
Service price: free (until 31 December 2016)

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